Laptop Locks and Other Tactics: How to Safeguard Your Gadget When Travelling

It may sound like a smart idea to bring your laptop with you when you travel. It is convenient to be in a position to access your computing needs while away from home, even if you have to carry extra baggage. Laptops are a popular target for theft abroad due to their popularity. Even if you’re alert and cautious, there is always a risk, especially if your laptop is unprotected. If you have laptop locks installed for your device, congratulations! Here are some tips to help you prevent theft.

1. Be discreet. Computer bags that are too large for your laptops will only attract thieves. You can either use a briefcase or place your laptop in a suitcase or travel bag with a padded covering to prevent it from moving around. Do not talk about what you have with you in public, no matter how small or large. This is just a way to get into trouble.

2. Use unusual passwords. Avoid middle names and birthday numbers. You can think outside the box. It would be a mistake for your bookmarked sites and important files to be accessible by anyone else. It would be much more efficient to password protect all important documents on your laptop. You can save the passwords to your phone or on paper and keep them in your wallet if you have trouble remembering. It shouldn’t be kept with your gadget. If thieves do manage to steal your stuff, you should make it a little more difficult.

3. Your laptop should never be left unattended in any public place, including your hotel room or car. You should never let your valuable and expensive possessions go unattended. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying utensils at a restaurant counter or if there is security and cameras around the area. Or if your laptop has a lock. You can’t be certain that your items will be safe if you leave them. So, bring them along with you wherever you go and use them for another day.

4. Encrypt sensitive information if you’re smart enough. Disable folders and files. You are the only one who can see where files are located and what they contain. If you lose your laptop, it won’t be lost or manipulated. You can also use notebook lock devices to attach it to an unmovable object so it is not easily retrieved. You can also install programs that will alert you to the location of your device if it is stolen. You can also silently recover or destroy any data stored on a laptop.

These tips should be able to help you prepare for your domestic and international travel. Although some of these tips might seem excessive, it is better to be safe than sorry. It is better to protect your laptop and ensure it’s safe than to have to report the theft to police and change all your security codes. This could result in you losing a year of work or even more.

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