Buying Your First Guitar – How to Choose the Right Guitar to Give You the Best Value For Money

It is important to take time when buying the right guitar for you to learn on. There are many factors to take into consideration. I will discuss each of the factors I think you should consider when purchasing your first guitar.
Many people view starting a hobby as a way to test drive a new vehicle before they buy it. It is difficult to predict if they will enjoy it in the future. People who learn guitar quickly will abandon it. Many people aren’t comfortable spending too much money on a guitar that won’t be of any benefit. You could ask a friend or relative if they have a guitar. To get a feel for the idea of playing the guitar, you might ask to borrow it. If you decide that this is the right hobby, you can return to this article for help in finding the right guitar.

This is the most important thing to think about for most people. You can find guitars for as low as $20 in garage sales or as expensive and luxuriously priced prestige models that cost thousands. It is important to set a budget and stick to it. Although salespeople will tell you many reasons to spend more than you wish, it is important to realize that you can still get a quality guitar at a low price. These points will help you to determine if they are within your budget.

The type of guitar that you purchase will be influenced by your musical preferences. A nylon string acoustic is not the best choice if you want to play heavy metal and similar genres. An electric guitar might not be right for you if you are looking to play soft, melodic songs you can sing along with while you play. You might have a particular style in mind. Find out which guitars they use. To find the right guitar for you, search the internet for the brand and model of your favorite artists’ gear. This will help you to identify the exact type of guitar they use.
The type of guitar you choose won’t matter if you don’t know what you want or aren’t sure where you want to go. To help you choose the right guitar for you, consider these points.
Don’t forget that you can always purchase another guitar later, so don’t be afraid to change your mind after you have purchased your first guitar.


A beginner’s ability to play the guitar can make a huge difference in how quickly you learn and what skills you acquire. You will soon notice how difficult it is to pull the strings down on a steel string acoustic. This could cause injury and discomfort. A steel string guitar requires a lot more strength than a normal guitar. This is why many females and some males will struggle to get started. A nylon string acoustic might be better for you if this is a concern. When you push the strings down, nylon string acoustics put less strain on your fingers. Most teachers recommend that students use nylon strings for their first month.

It is important to know the difference between an acoustic and electric guitar. For the following reasons, many teachers won’t recommend that you start with an electric guitar. It is easier to use electric guitars than acoustics. This is a positive thing for many. Electric guitars are easy to learn, but you’ll soon become so comfortable with them that it becomes difficult to pick up an acoustic to play the same songs. Many guitarists who are only proficient at playing electric guitar have difficulty learning to play an acoustic. It can be very difficult to switch from an electric guitar to an acoustic. It is also very simple to switch from an acoustic guitar (especially if you have a steel string) to an electric one. Because of the strength that acoustic guitars give your fingers, this is possible. You will be able to play electric guitars with ease once you make the switch. Have a look at this issue. If you are looking to learn how to play both acoustic and electric guitars, then you should start with an acoustic. You can choose to play only electric guitar. If you decide to learn acoustic guitar, it will be easier later. However, with practice, you can improve your playing.

The quality of guitars available today is varied. This is similar to what happens in the car industry. You can purchase a high-quality Ferarri or a low-quality Toyota, and everything in between. The goal is to find the best quality guitar for your money. Don’t let the high-priced guitars fool you. It will surprise you at how high quality guitars are available for low prices. To test the guitar you are considering, it is a good idea to bring a friend/relative (who are skilled players) along. You shouldn’t just rely on the advice of a music store salesperson. Be realistic about your budget.

Many guitarists are affected by ‘brand loyalty’. When they are so attached to one brand, they won’t buy or use a different brand of guitar. Do not be one of these people. While it is fine to choose a brand because you like their guitars, don’t let that make you think one brand is superior. Each brand has its advantages and disadvantages.
Guitars will come in two versions: a well-known ‘brand’ name guitar and an unknown ‘homebrand’ guitar. Sometimes, the only thing that differentiates guitars from each other is their name printed on the headstock. Guitars with the names fender and Gibson, PRS, Martin, Ibanez, PRS or Martin printed on their headstocks are often expensive. A brand-name guitar is more likely to be of high quality, but it can also be very costly. I recommend that you find a guitar you love, regardless of brand. Go for it if it’s good quality and within your financial budget. You shouldn’t just buy a guitar because it has fender written all over it. It’s fine to purchase a guitar if you want the safety of a quality brand.

This section will warn you about potential problems when dealing with music store employees. This is not to offend or scare you, but to help you avoid the people who are more interested in making a commission than giving you what you need. You will hopefully deal with a honest salesperson who wants to help you. Be aware that not all salespeople are honest.
First, you should remember that most of the staff are excellent guitarists. They can make any guitar sound great, no matter its quality. In a future lesson, I’ll show you how to make any guitar sound amazing. A salesperson can make even the most expensive guitar sound better than the $2,000 one in the case. If you are able to play a basic guitar, I suggest you give it a try. You can also bring a relative or friend who can. They should be able tell you what they’re doing if they are familiar with how the guitar works.
Audio salespeople know a trick that makes stereo systems sound better by increasing the volume slightly. Similar techniques may be used by salespeople to compare two guitars. It’s possible to make the guitar you want to buy sound amazing by plugging it into an amp with high quality components. This is a tactic some people might use to convince you to spend a little more. You shouldn’t assume that a guitar with great sound will make you great. To be a good player, it takes hard work. Good players can make any instrument sound amazing, while bad players can ruin any instrument.

My first guitar purchase experience:
These issues were not obvious to me when I purchased my first guitar. The salesperson who helped us was kind and willing to help. She made sure that we received a quality guitar at an affordable price. After playing an acoustic guitar from my father for several years, my parents purchased me an electric guitar. It’s a high quality guitar that I still use for recording and performing. If you make the right decision, your first guitar will last a lifetime.
The transition from acoustic to electric was easy for me because I started out with an acoustic. Even if you plan to eventually play an electric guitar, consider buying an acoustic.

These are just a few of the important things to keep in mind when purchasing a guitar for your first time. While there are many other factors to consider, these are my top choices. You will save time and money by taking the time to research your options and then shopping around for the best price. This will ensure that you get a great instrument that will last you a lifetime.

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