Why Professional Sport Salaries Have Gotten Out Of Control – A Suggestion To Help Capitalize On It

These contracts are now outrageous. Giancarlo Ston signed a 325 million-dollar contract with the Marlins for 2015. In 2008, “A-rod” from the Yankees received a questionable contract worth 275 million dollars! Miguel Cabrera was awarded a 248 million-dollar contract in 2016. These are some of the most outrageous contracts ever signed in America, if they weren’t already!

These people are amazing! These people can make over 100 thousand dollars per game by simply getting out of bed and doing what they love as kids – playing sports. Although it’s unlikely that you will ever be able to play pro sports professionally, it’s more likely than winning the lottery. People are often intimidated by people with average talents. My own fame intimidated me, and I believe I was at a higher level than my peers athletically. It’s a different story as to why I didn’t make money from my talent, but I think I would be in the 300 million-dollar range if I was an 18-year-old today. My best advice to young people is how to reach your highest potential.

Let’s get to the point. Assuming you have average talent, endurance is the most important aspect of realizing your potential. You might have more talent than you do, but you won’t be able to beat them on the basketball court if you lack stamina. No matter what sport you choose, endurance is the most important thing. Sprints (let’s say 50 yards) should be your goal. This was my greatest weakness and it caused me to feel intimidated by people less athletic than myself. Basketball, soccer, and hockey require superior endurance. To a lesser extent, tennis demands superior endurance. Poor endurance is a major problem in hockey and soccer. While there are many other high-paying sports that require it, I only want to focus on the highest paid sports. These mainstream sports have the greatest potential to inspire millions.

The most lucrative of all sports, and those that require great stamina, endurance, and financial success, are, on average,

  • Baseball is a great sport that requires little endurance but it’s also one of the highest-paid in America.
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Hockey
  • Boxing and MMA
  • Tennis

If you are looking to get a contract, take your pick from these sports and go for it!

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